Saturday, May 15, 2010


Remember I talked about job magnet all the time?
So I believe the law of attraction did applied in my life.
The 3D2N I spent in the Gem Island,
I answered a total of 2 calls, both offered me some job. it
Glory to GoD, His grace is always sufficient.

Not only it apply on my career,
it also happen to be my long waiting vacations.
it comes one after another.

I took a short break this week and reward myself a getaway break in
a wonderful private island, spent some splendid time there.
I'd plan for this to celebrate that I have officially been working for a year.
11th May 2009 was my first day in the office.

Than it will be following by the LOUD Youth Camp in PD next month.
Helping out for the 1st time, doing consecutive interpreting for SuMei JJ.
Praise the Lord too, I'd always adore brothers who interpret for the church.
It will be a perfect platform for me to start serving with my given talent.
Thanks to SuMei JJ who have got faith on me and willing to share her 1st time with me.
I pray that everything will turn out well on that day.
I knew she has been putting great efforts on this. I will do my best too.
With Lord we can do this, sister.

August coming will be my long waiting trip with Bidor Besties to the Islands in 2 countries.
Phuket via Singapore and will stop over at Singapore on the way back.

Looking forward to meet those crazy people soon, in our first meeting like after CNY?

+ve me. jamming tomorrow
p/s: wrote some short passage on my holiday, will update soon

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