Saturday, February 06, 2010

So many times I gave up.
I tell myself, I'll leave, I have done all I could.
And if I am not, I'll throw my tantrum right in to your face,
say that I don't care anymore.
It's your life friend, no matter how much one would like to help you,
you are still the key of your own heart.

So many times I feel like slapping you to wake you up from all
those bs philosophy you have got to defense.
So many times I feel like bombing you with sarcastic word.
I hold back, I speak to myself, those line.
I digest it, I ask God, and It shouldn't be the way.

It should be mere LoVe.
Thus I am still here, sitting next to you.

I LoVe Friend, please LoVe yourself too


So^naK said...


=DeNIsE= said...

I am glad that u have a bit of self help. Not exactly You. and I hope it will not be you...

So^naK said...

promise me tht u're not goin to leave even what u have to do is watching me fallen from top...