Friday, February 26, 2010

I can’t believe that we are approaching the first quarter of the year.
So are you a step forward to the goal that you set earlier in the year.
I’m never a determine person, rarely a goal catcher.
I always believe in living according to the heart desire.
I’ll do whatever, whenever I want to do it. – One of those people

Teen was right, or everyone else is right.
How can one live without a goal.
Where are you heading to?
What is the purpose of living?

So I come to mind that I might not be a big planner.
I can’t foresee the future to far ahead.
I hardly stress myself out to reach the infinite,
I like things to happen naturally.

Hence I guess, perhaps I can make some short term goal, things that I can achieve within shorter period with more obvious result.

It will make things lots easier for me.
Let’s see.
Thus far, I have got enough funds to clear my first debt.
The second debt which I pay by instalment has only got 3 months left.
So practically I have been closer to fulfil the few 2010 resolutions of mine.
I was thinking Denise Liew, bRaVo, BraVo!

Coming up might be the PTPTN, study loan payback arrangement. Should get things started soon.
And hell ya, what about to install the air-cond in my bedroom …
Now is just the perfect time.

Basically I have started to practice a better sleeping habit except during Chinese New Year.

And setting a shorter monthly goal of not smoking seems to work well.
Thus I have been a good girl for monthx2z.
This could be due to the changes of my status to a part timer at jet*. -less stress

Apart of that, I did not miss any of my Sunday Service just yet and my wish of joining the worship dream might be realize after I join the karaoke session on the Chinese New Year youth gathering.

~Blessed is me~


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