Sunday, December 06, 2009


Haven’t been writing for quite some time. If you want to read my word now, perhaps it will sound more negative. I have been working so hard the past month. I have got a balance pay back. I am grateful about that.

I have nothing to comment on how exhausted I am or how bad I felt when I have to scarify my holiday, long planed with my childhood friend.

The experiences I undergone for the past month is like a new lessons of about everything I tried.
Part of it was, I finally realise how depressing can an interpreter’s life be.
I deeply felt the saying of Tuan Haji always remind us in the class; Interpreter has the highest suicide rate.
And from interpreter friend: there are times when you really want to dig a hole and plant yourself.
Being an interpreter, you have got to have thick skin.
Yes I have it. And still, I thought I almost die suffocated in the air of embarrass.
You may not understand….
Interpreter is a lonely job….

And that’s over, I’ll be better. So….what are things that bother me so much…
That’s not about that, what is this?
Dear God, I ask for a peaceful mind.


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