Friday, October 27, 2006


Well, shall I start like everybody does? Introduce the course? Thought it would be a boring one and eventually find it interesting, and finally a hundred thousand thanks to our beloved Mr. Jafre?

Honestly I did not aspect the class will be carry out like the way we did, Where we can have lot of interaction in the class, sharing and listening to Mr. Jafre experience and story, its feel really good, I like freestyle, unlike other class that was bound to a syllabus. The first two or three discussion indeed seems to be quite a boring one , but when it gradually come to song interpretation, lyrics compose, the class become more lively, knowing that this were the element which will spice us up. Mr. Jafre really did a good job in giving us freedom in talking and way of doing our presentation. Whatever we throw to him, he received it all in an open mind and heart, very positively. That’s what I like about him.

I first thought, and actually quite confident that I might score well in this subject but when I find myself now still working hard on the blog which I miss for the pass few months, I knew that I am gone, hopeless. I can’t help but to admit my laziness bought me to this end, and I am so helpless.

I knew I was too much as Mr. Jafre has given us so much extra time but yet I still take it for granted, I deserve it. You treat us too generous, which has made me fallen down now. Anyway I like your easy going character inspire me, I like everything to goes the way it should, so naturally in happen to be so.

So far as I had seen, majority of the students like us tend to like topics that we like, but definitely not something regarding to politics, history or may be religion. We always avoid to get involve in those current issues and pretend that the campus is our world, so when it come to discussion about independence and religion, it seems to be less talking in the class. That is what I had observed from the few months we took this course. We have had very little awareness to the reality, the real world, I think most us did. It’s not a good sign. May be this is the reason Mr. Jafre divulge all these during the class discussion, it might help somehow.

I am so fond of the style of the class, the freestyle which I always dream of, not much rules and regulation applied. Not much burden. But I still can’t hand in my work on time, shame on me. Anyway I hope that the LHP459 will keep the way it is and if Mr. Jafre will be conduct the same class ever, I wish that he could have give the student some pressure on the due date of the blog or whatever assignment submission.

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